For repair inquiries, please email info@rubystarstudio.com.


Please Include in the email: client name, description of the issue, photograph of the damaged piece, date, and proof of purchase. Our team will assess the information and provide further instructions. Repair or replacement is at our discretion. Repairs must be exclusively done at Ruby Star Studio.
Clients can drop off and pick up repairs at the 46 Lilienblum studio. All repairs are subject to shipping charges. 
Warranty Period:
All jewelry from Ruby Star Studio is meticulously crafted with precious metals, diamonds, and gems. The standard warranty is 6 months from the purchase date. For fine jewelry priced at NIS 5,000 and above, the warranty is extended to three years.
Paid repair services are available post-warranty, with costs determined and approved by the client.
Cleaning and Polishing are Free lifetime cleaning and polishing for jewelry purchased at Ruby Star Studio, including diamonds and precious gems.
Warranty Conditions:
We reserve the right to deny unreasonable repairs, returns, and exchanges. Warranty excludes damage due to unreasonable use or poor handling.

  • Jewelry must be kept in reasonable conditions.
  • Avoid contact with acids, bleach, chlorine, or cleaning agents.
  • Not covered: malicious damage, accidents, natural wear and tear, loss, or theft.
  • Repairs for jewelry under warranty include renewal or repair; no replacements or refunds.
Use & Care:
  • Wear jewelry regularly but avoid contact with pool/sea water and chemicals.
  • Remove jewelry before engaging in sports or intense activities.
  • Silver jewelry may tarnish over time; avoid water contact, especially salt water.
  • Store jewelry in a jewelry box or opaque bag, avoiding bathroom storage due to humidity.
  • Keep jewelry away from perfume, lotion, cleaning substances, and liquids.
  • Clean diamonds with soap and water to remove grease and dust.