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One of the earliest uses of jewelry was for the protection of body and spirit. Until today protection jewelry is used in some cultures, religions and for ceremonious purposes.

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Heritage signifies tradition, culture and family history.

We define our identity through these pass ways handed down by our ancestors, while creating a new heritage through our personal milestones and valued collections.

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Some of our milestones are major turning points of transformation. Snakes as a symbol embody the transformational energy of letting go of what's no longer needed in order to grow and thrive. They symbolize rebirth and healing as they shed their skin to survive.

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Gestures of love and affection embodied in jewelry.

Whether celebrating an engagement or union, an anniversary or a special life event, jewels express and signify your definition of love.

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A thoughtful gift from a friend can be cherished for a lifetime and serve as a reminder of your connection. Almost anything can symbolize your bond if  you define it as such. Here are a few of our ideas.

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