RUBY STAR is the Tel-Aviv based designer Shirley Itzik.

Since launching in early 2000, Itzik has committed herself to creating an eclectic ensemble of collections that explore the boundaries of contemporary jewelry.

Whether drawing inspiration from the organic in her latest collection (BlackForest, 2015), or dabbling in Victorian mechanics (TimeKillers, 2007), she strives to shed new light on contrived commodities. With this ethos in mind each collection is an investigation, a search for new concepts and materials all while establishing a distinct aesthetic and signature, a fusion of the rough and the refined.

Driven by the need to tell a story through substance, she seeks ways to transform precious metals into alternative takes on popular objects. Itzik's fascination with icons and symbols combined with her embrace of traditional techniques and historical references, creates an imagery where ancient and modern coexist, granting a timeless quality to each piece.