July 15, 2016

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July 12, 2016

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Charlotte Kreiger X Ruby Star

Charlotte is a Swiss photographer practicing various art mediums. Always in search of new inspiration, Charlotte is especially intrigued by the combination of fantasy, beauty, ornamentation and aesthetic codes. 
Here's our recent collaboration for our Spring/Summer 2016 Rope Tails collection.
Jewelry by Ruby Star, Art and photography by Charlotte Kreiger. 
Ceramics by Adrien Chevalley and Charlotte Krieger
July 10, 2016

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Brooklyn here we come

Our favorite store in Brooklyn is now stocking Ruby Star!! You can find our collection at concept store Sincerely Tommy 
343 Tompkins Ave., Brooklyn NY 11216
July 07, 2016

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We're on Wallpaper* City Guide!

Super happy and honored to have our flea market shop featured on Wallpaper* City Guide. 
July 06, 2016

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Rope Tails Collection

Originally inspired by a painting of Jesus from the 16th century with a noose tied
around his neck, Rope Tails begun forming in designer’s Shirley Itzik mind in one of her
visits to the Louvre years back.
Anything can be transformed into an object of desire is one of the corner stones of her
artistic agenda. Here portrayed by a rope as an artifact of collective meaning
processed and transformed into gold colored metals of a regal nature.
The pieces of the collection are meant to arouse a relation or association to a certain
place in our personal or collective memory.
Casted, braided and modified into precious jewels, the original material remains absent
from the collection. This assembly is all about the metal, tradition and the appearance
of things.
Either solid and sculptural, fluid and mobile, textured or smooth, or a combination of all,
she draws from her habitual attempt to form  tension between fields and
merge the rough and refined.
Referencing to antiques and magnum opus of the field along with an amused take on
classics and romanticism combined with clean and modern geometric lines, the
collection tells a tale  of diverse inspirations beginning in biblical time, walking
through modernism. A small paraphrase on power and submission, suggesting
tragedies worn as symbols of triumph leaving the edges unraveled for more to come.
Dream team credits:
Creative direction & photography: Noa Yafe
Models: Nana Yaa Asare Boadu & Yoshevah Jones
Make Up: Netta Szekely
April 15, 2016

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Wedding season has begun and we are in deep love with evening designer Anya Fleet's S/S16 Bridal campaign! Presenting such a sophisticated, cool and elegant combination of her beautiful gowns with our jewels. A perfect example of effortless grace with an edge for the urban bride. Everything here can be found in our Engagement / Bridal section in the shop. Feel free to contact us for assistance.
Bravo to Anya and the talented team:
Photography creative & styiling: Meital Weinberg Adar
Model: Adda Zmora
Makeup: Chen Elkabetz    
Hair: Sara Ashanti
Jewelry: Ruby Star
March 11, 2016

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Just before unveiling our spring collection here's another cool breeze of Black Forest

The Black Forest collection is inspired by the somber side of nature. The dark thrill of the enchanting forest by night, the bareness of the trees, the process of shedding before blossom, these themes set the ambiance for the collection. 

Sticks and stones of the forest combine, forming the mythical Slingshot, one of the dominant motifs, resembling both weapon and game, embellishing the pieces with a dark yet playful character.

Branches are cast in oxidized brass, sterling silver and solid gold along with carefully combined precious semi precious stones. Rough diamonds settings make up the basis of the design.

In others, tassels of delicate chains symbolize rainfall; the color palate ranging from black and earthy smoked tones to light greens. While raw by nature, the collection is composed of both delicate and elegant classics as well as bold statement pieces.

Photographed by Noa Yafe

Nature photography by Alex Itzik

Models: Rebecca Hytting and Leo Lerus

Make up: Hila Elkayam


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