Just before unveiling our spring collection here's another cool breeze of Black Forest

The Black Forest collection is inspired by the somber side of nature. The dark thrill of the enchanting forest by night, the bareness of the trees, the process of shedding before blossom, these themes set the ambiance for the collection. 

Sticks and stones of the forest combine, forming the mythical Slingshot, one of the dominant motifs, resembling both weapon and game, embellishing the pieces with a dark yet playful character.

Branches are cast in oxidized brass, sterling silver and solid gold along with carefully combined precious semi precious stones. Rough diamonds settings make up the basis of the design.

In others, tassels of delicate chains symbolize rainfall; the color palate ranging from black and earthy smoked tones to light greens. While raw by nature, the collection is composed of both delicate and elegant classics as well as bold statement pieces.

Photographed by Noa Yafe

Nature photography by Alex Itzik

Models: Rebecca Hytting and Leo Lerus

Make up: Hila Elkayam